Beacon on Stocking: Island Stocking Island is made up of giant sand dunes hardened into limestone rock. On one such sand dune which stands over one hundred feet in height, is a beacon that has been used many years ago for navigational purposes. The beacon is a popular attraction for yachters docked in Elizabeth harbour   Stocking Island 
Elizabeth Harbour: One of the largest natural harbours in the world, Elizabeth Harbour is picture perfect with its translucent waters that have many shades of blue and green. A favourite haven for yachtsmen from November to May.   Great Exuma 
Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park: Created in 1958, this 176 square mile stretch of the Exuma Cays was the first land and sea park in the world and is famous for its breathtaking marine environment. It is also the first "no-take reserve" (all fishing is prohibited) in the wider Caribbean.   Exumas 
Hermitage Tombs: Hermitage is a small settlement near Moss Town. After the American War of Independence, the Ferguson family from the Carolinas settled here. There are three tombs and a grave with different inscriptions to the memories of George Butler, Constance McDonald and Henderson Ferguson. The unmarked grave...   Great Exuma 
Moriah Harbour Cay National Park: Established in 2002, this 13,400 acre national park is a vital part of the ecosystem between Great and Little Exuma, and the Exuma community, led by Basil Minns, lobbied for the protection of this beautiful coastal zone. This marine environment includes a wide array of habitats, including sand...   Great Exuma  
Norman's Cay: Norman's Cay is a small cay in the Exuma's. It is apart of a chain of islands Southeast of New Providence.   Central Exuma Cays
Rolle Town Tombs: The quiet little village of Rolle Town is one of the five Lord John Rolle Commonage Estates on Exuma. The Commonage Estates are lands that have been passed down to the slaves and cannot be sold. The town's residents are all descendants of Rolle's former slaves, and grow fruits and vegetables just...   Great Exuma 
Salt Beacon: This Roman Tuscan Column was erected during the vibrant period of the salt trade in the late 1600s between European countries such as France and Spain as well as Caribbean countries like Haiti. The column served as a marker to guide vessels to the salt pans.   Little Exuma 
Shroud Cay: Visit these beautiful beaches among large expanses of mangrove.    
St. Christopher's Anglican Church: St. Christopher Anglican Church was built in 1939 when Father Marshall was the parish priest. A schooner, the Frank A. Murray, was wrecked off Cape Santa Maria, Long Island. It was loaded with timber from The Abacos. Father Marshall heard of this and on visiting Lewis and Clarence Fitzgerald at The...   Little Exuma
The Hermitage: These ruins are a reminder of the islands' cotton plantation days. Originally built by the Kelsall family in the late 1700s, the cotton industry thrived for only a few years. The partial structure of the main house, an old tomb and partial structures of three slave quarters...   Little Exuma
The Three Sisters Rocks: Legend has it that there were three sisters who were in love with an English gentleman, each not knowing that it was the same person. They found out on the day of his departure and decided to swim out to his ship to confront him. However, because of the rough seas in that area, they all drowned....   Great Exuma

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